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Mr. Jai Singh is a political and marketing strategist who provides a sophisticated technology solution to efficiently manage Digital Marketing campaigns for several large brand clients worldwide. As a branding and marketing strategist, he digs into each client's business or organization to find ways to optimize their online presence.He is well recognized by both the media and the tech industry for his grounded approach to deriving insights through rigorous research. From autonomous technology, corporate innovation, or modern wellbeing, he views each &every aspect of emerging technologies through the lens of new opportunities, growth, and constantly shifting consumer behaviors and expectations.

With his continuous hard work, Jai is able to crack the deal with BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bharti Group, PernodRicard, Manpreet Singh Ayali, Manish Tiwari, Pritam Singh successfully, and there are many more to come. An acknowledged thought businessman and strategist, Jai has delved into politics and became a political strategist where he faced no defeat out of 2 big clients from Congress and Akali Dal.

Mr Singh's Mission

His mission is brand-boosting, building work transparency, honesty, and integrity. He works with an objective to be given the highest quality standards, personalized attention, and result-oriented strategies to master the sales and marketing of your business.

Mr Singh's Vision

His vision is to build a brand that delivers measurable results and meaningful connections. Through the implementation and management of his client's marketing process, he turns out to be an important part of his partners' success, partnering with the clients to accomplish their strategic objectives while providing long-term commercial value.

Our Services

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Graphics Design

70% of the people on the internet today prefer to see graphics over text. In today’s time, when consumers have very low retention spans, graphic designing plays a crucial role for the businesses to enhance a seamless communication with their target audience. With the help of right graphics in place, it seems to serve as a way to communicate the ideas in such a way that they just don’t seem to be effective, but also look aesthetics. Jai Singh offers top-notch graphic designing services to brands of different niche and genres, by putting his skills into best place.

Logo Design

Logos are the first step through which a brand can distinguish itself from the competition outside. Having a logo speaks volume about what the brand stands for and its identity and it is very much a pre-requisite for every brand. If you are looking forward to get a robust logo design, which involves everything right from planning of the concept to actually executing it. Jai Singh offers robust logo design services keeping in mind all the nice demands of the clients in place. Jai Singh takes into account the bigger picture of the brand identity, by building an absolutely stunning logo for the brand.

Commercial Video

It is a video which has the ability to put a face which gives audience a room to see the real nature and offerings of the business. If the viewers get confidence in what they are buying, it helps in increasing the chances of them buying the product or availing the services, and this is where the role of a well-made commercial video comes into picture. Over the years, Jai Singh has helped plethora of personal individual and businesses by providing excellent and creative commercial videos which have the ability to communicate the desires message to the target audience.

Stop Motion

Film makers have been using the technique of stop motion for decades now, but this filming technique Is now very viral amongst the digital experts online. Stop motion is known to be one of the very known animated techniques where objects get physically manipulated in smaller increments between the individual frames which end up appearing to the independent exhibit or changes when the frames in a series are played back. Jai Singh is one of the market leaders in stop motion technique, as over the years he has acquired the relevant experience and skill-set in the similar genre.

Content Writing

Content Is in the current times is one of the most powerful tools which has the ability to transform the whole outlook of a business. Content is no more about simply writing a few words on a given topic, as there is a lot more attached to it. Jai Singh is a very renowned digital marketing expert who has an in-depth passion about content writing. Right from keyword research, topic alignment to scheduling, he provides all of these services under one bucket.

Website Designing

The website acts as the best first impression a business can have over its target audience. In the online world, a customer interacts with the business owner through the website, which means the website plays a huge role in the growth of the business. As a brand owner, you must not neglect the way your website looks, and this is where Jai Singh helps you out. You can trust the website designing skills offered by Jai Singh and get yourself a good-looking website, which will be the biggest asset for your business.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools used today. 78% of people on the internet search Google to make a purchasing decision, and out of that 78% of the searches, 65% of the people do not even go to the second page of the search. Hence, SEO plays a crucial role in ranking their website on the first pages for all businesses. Through his SEO techniques, Jai Singh helps websites get more organic traffic and visibility for a longer duration.

E - Commerce

E-commerce is the future of marketing. Today customers have become very comfortable with buying their products or availing services online. The market for E-commerce is growing rapidly and has become a million-dollar industry now. However, with utmost demand, there is increased cut-throat competition as well. Jai Singh, over the years, has provided in-depth solutions to a large number of E-commerce clients by helping them build websites, grow their E-commerce store through different techniques such as E-commerce SEO, PPC etc.

Digital Marketing

A company not present in the online presence is losing out more than 60% of its business. The whole world is now in the process of transitioning from offline to online means. For marketers today, digital marketing has become the need of the hour, without which they cannot proceed further. Jai Singh is one of the top digital marketing experts who knows in and out about all the digital marketing aspects. Be it a product or a service company, start-up or MNC, Jai Singh can help make your business go a notch higher through his effective solutions.

Ads campaigning

One of the most important online marketing strategies are for marketers to get their hands on ad campaigning. For all kinds and genres of businesses, ad campaigning helps them to increase the visibility and awareness of their brand, and at the same time, increase their profits. Be it launching a new product, making changes in the existing product or service, or communicating a certain thing about your brand, you can reach out to Jai Singh. He is considered to be a pioneer in this field and understand the whole concept of ad campaigning in and out.

Facebook Likes Increase

Facebook was one of the oldest social media platforms in the globe which broke all records. Earlier, Facebook was a platform used for connecting with your long-lost friends, family members, and colleagues under one head. Still, slowly it changed into a marketplace and a one-stop destination for the buyers and sellers. With the help of Facebook, not just start-ups but also MNC's have benefited in making their brand get more visibility, which helps increase sales, revenue, and finally, profit. So, if you are looking forward to increasing the likes of your Facebook business page, then you have landed at the right place. Jai Singh is one of the top digital marketers who organically provide increased Facebook likes and people of relevant genres.

Insta followers

You would be shocked to know that Instagram has 100 million + users today. For businesses, not being present on Instagram is no more an option at all. However, Instagram has millions of business pages, but a business only gets credibility on Instagram when it has a huge user base that includes more followers. There is a direct relationship between the number of followers on the Instagram page and the reach it gets over time. If you are on the hunt to increase the user base of your Instagram page, then you are at the right place. Jai Singh provides robust strategies which help in increasing the Insta followers instantly.

Twitter Followers

Twitter is considered one of the most unfiltered platforms, which has a huge database. If you want to make your business go viral, then the best way is to make the best use of Twitter. Just like how every social media platform is different and has its dynamics, so is Twitter. Using Twitter is easy but leveraging it is not a cake-walk. You can reach out to Jai Singh, a Twitter master and understands all the wear about Twitter in the best way possible. He provides customized strategies depending on the niche demands and wants of the client.


One of the best ways to make the business's products and services prominent is by re-tweets. However, in the initial years, when businesses now have much reach and following, getting re-tweets is quite hard. In this case, the support of a professional is required who can use their resources for re-tweets and make the campaign go viral. Jai Singh is one of the best Twitter digital agents who can help you with re-tweets when you want them.

YouTube Subscribers

One platform which is doing extremely well now is no doubt YouTube. The reason behind this is also simple, the amount of knowledge and value YouTube provides to its customer base, there is no other platform that provides it. YouTube marketing is very important for businesses. The good side about YouTube is that it helps the brand to gain brand visibility and awareness fast. But the flip side of YouTube is that it requires considerable effort, time and money for an individual to invest. Hence you can always reach out to Jai Singh, who is extremely passionate about YouTube and understands the YouTube algorithm. Businesses can blindly trust on the planning and execution offered by Jai Singh. All you have to do is, wait and see the results flowing in, terms of increased subscribers.

Youtube Views

For any social media platform today, there is no doubt about the fact that numbers do matter. Be it in terms of likes, views, subscribers etc. However, the truth is when we talk about followers, likes and subscribers, these can easily be bought. But what cannot be bought is the views, which is purely organic. Do get views, businesses to have a proper strategy in place, which resonates with what the customers are actually looking for. This is where you can avail the help of Jai Singh, who has been in this industry for years, and will provide customized solutions to get plenty of views organically on social media.

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